Unknown Surfer: a tribute to the anonymous surfer

The Surf & Comics label continues to impress. This time, Maxi González and his team have published "Unknown Surfers," a tribute to the average surfer.

González has great ideas, but this is definitely an homage to the 99 percent of worldwide surfers who never quite have the chance to enjoy the world's best waves just for themselves.

"Unknown Surfers" is what real surfing is all about. It's a tribute to onshore sessions, two-foot summer rollers, wind-blown lineups, and ultra-crowded surf spots.

"The Wave Conjurer" was a huge success. For their second challenge, Maxi González invited Xavier LeRougue, the cartoonist, and Angel RD, the colorist.

They all portrayed the lives of the anonymous surfers who, somewhere in this world, make surfing a fascinating sport.

"'Unknown Surfers' is a very short comic. We know that. We hope it keeps up the interest in surf comics while we are working on more ambitious and long-term projects," notes González.

Yes, Surf & Comics is here to stay, and their upcoming project will scare even horror enthusiasts.

Unknown Surfer: a surf comic strip by Maxi González

Unknown Surfer: a surf comic strip by Maxi González

Unknown Surfer: a surf comic strip by Maxi González

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