Jamie O'Brien: so pitted | Photo: AWM

Sixty amateur surfers have participated in the Oasis Open, Canada's first-ever indoor surfing contest, held in Montreal.

Wave pools are spreading throughout the world, and the American Wave Machines (AWM) are doing their role in promoting surfing in landlocked regions.

Canada has a long tradition of surfing, with Tofino as the country's wave-riding capital.

Therefore, the Oasis Open was a fantastic opportunity for the Canadian surf community to live the artificial wave experience.

As an added bonus, they could meet and watch a few stars of the surfing world - Jaime O'Brien, Cheyne Magnusson, Keenan Flegel, and more.

Frédéric Asselin: winner of the Oasis Open | Photo: AWM

"The performances from amateurs of all ages and the top pros who traveled north of the border were totally epic, and the atmosphere was electric all day long! It was rad to see how surf culture can thrive in a freezing, landlocked area of the world!" noted Californian daredevil Cheyne Magnusson.

Oasis Surf is Canada's first indoor surf park, and it features the Surfstream technology by AWM, capable of delivering two-to-six-foot waves, barrels included.

The competition had five divisions and five champions: Frédéric Asselin (Open Men), Charlotte Sarrazin (Open Women., Yann Roy (Barrels), Gabriel Robert (Over 18), and Tristan Lacroix (Under 17).

Oasis Open 2016 | Results

1. Frédéric Asselin
2. Alexandre Loyer
3. Yann Roy

1. Charlotte Sarrazin
2. Marie-Jeanne Lévêsque
3. Claire Provost

1. Yann Roy
2. Jarred
3. Stéphane Julien

Over 18
1. Gabriel Robert
2. Julien Koronkiewicz
3. Michael Ouellon

Under 17
1. Tristan Lacroix
2. Valérie Grenon
3. Thomas Cheung

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