Axi Muniain and Pablo Garcia triumph in Nazaré

November 24, 2011 | Surfing
Axi Muniain: hang in there, mate

Axi Muniain and Pablo Garcia have conquered the North Canyon Tow-In Trials presented by Wavejet.

The team from the Basque Country, Spain, has earned a ticket to the 2012 Xtreme Waterman Challenge, to be surfed in the giant walls of water of Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal.

"I am delighted and eager to return to Nazaré to surf these great waves", said Pablo Garcia after the awards ceremony. Axi Muniain was also very pleased with the victory: "I hope the world of big wave riding starts to speak about Nazaré. This is immense".

Axi Muniain and Pablo Garcia won the final with 18.5 points. The Spanish riders defeated Al Mennie and Andrew Cotton (Ireland / UK), who gathered 13.2 points, and Hugo Ford and CJ Macias (Portugal / USA), who obtained a total score of 10.5 points. It was an amazing finish and waves were big.

The Portuguese teams of Ramon Laureano/António Silva, André Pedroso/Ivo Santos and Paulo do Bairro/Pedro Monteiro took fourth, fifth and sixth positions, respectively.

Despite the good performance they failed to win a place in the final. All teams showed a high level of surfing Praia do Norte, where the biggest waves reached 32 feet (ten meters).

CJ Macias won the Best Wipeout and Best Tube, while Axi Muniain took the award for Best Maneuver.

"It was a fantastic day. Everyone had fun and, most important, everyone surfed safely. I think it's more than clear that Praia do Norte is not a risky place to surf and is the ideal spot to train rescue and tow surfing. All teams have put out a good show. Congratulations to all who participated and made this event possible!", said Garrett McNamara, who hosted the event.