Biarritz: French doctors are prescribing surfing to their patients | Photo: Alberto Cabrera/Creative Commons

Who needs pills when you've got surfing? A group of French doctors and health care providers is prescribing surfing to their patients. And the overall results are quite impressing.

We knew surfing is good for your health. Late Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz had already taught how riding waves could increase our quality of life. As a doctor himself, he recommended surfing to everyone who he met through life.

Surfing is extremely addictive; but you won't develop health problems for catching waves. And that is why the French town of Biarritz is prescribing surfing lessons in place of pills; waves instead of medication.

The pilot program was designed by the regional, national Olympic committee, and invites 200 people suffering from obesity, stress, heart disease, diabetes, back pain and depression to take on surfing and stand-up paddleboarding lessons, in exchange for €10 per session.

Up to 20 doctors are involved in the program that has been running for six months. The capital of surfing in France is changing the way patients treat their health problems. And, according to Biarritz Sport Santé, everyone is very pleased with the results. Patients feel better and, therefore, live better.

Outdoor physical activity is key to success. The 12-week surfing therapy will likely be entended to other French regions. So, even if you're not a doctor, remember to prescribe surfing to your friends and family. Sooner or late, they will thank you.

Learn how to surf in less than 24 hours, and join the Biarritz crew.

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