Black swans: surfing bird scores at Kirra

A group of swans has been spotted riding waves on the Gold Coast.

The iconic Kirra surf spot may well be changing its name to "Swan Break."

While the Australians were enjoying a day at the beach, something unusual was taking place in the small surf.

Four black swans went out the back and started catching waves several times before flying away to another break.

What is even more curious is that these swans knew where the peak was.

Although they were all black, there was one particular swan that stood out. The bird caught the wave in the peak, set a perfect surf line, and rode it to the beach.

Swans are among the largest flying birds. They feed in the water and on land.

Black swans are almost entirely herbivorous and highly nomadic.

"I took a little bit of video, and with the second video I took, the swans were surfing," says Kelvin Mill, the local resident who captured the black swan surf session.

"We see Mick Fanning and others and Kelly Slater, but not four black swans."

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