Blawesome: the portable and compact wetsuit dryer

A group of surf entrepreneurs has developed a portable and compact wetsuit dryer.

Blawesome dries and deodorizes your wetsuit in just 18 minutes, allowing watersports enthusiasts to surf, eat and rest, and return to the waves with a comfortable, fully dried-out wetsuit.

"If you're a water sports lover like us, you probably recognize this situation: it's winter, cold outside, gray sky and maybe even rainy; you feel a bit lazy to get out of bed," explains Carmen Böhler, co-founder of Blawesome.

"But you really want to catch some waves or wind. Wouldn't it help to know that your wetsuit is perfectly dry? Even for the evening dip?"

The surf gadget combines the features of an air blower with the characteristics of a collapsible hanger.

But there's an interesting extra that will make the device even more appealing.

"Blawesome integrates a deodorizing pearl that slowly evaporates within the airflow leaving your wetsuit bacteria-free and properly deodorized," adds Jaime Moreno, co-founder of the wetsuit dryer.

"This effect helps to preserve your wetsuit and extends its lifespan significantly by up to 40 percent."

Blawesome's turbine warmed the airflow to 85°F (30°C) and eliminated the microorganisms living in your wetsuit. Additionally, its magnetic hook allows you to hang the wetsuit wherever you want.

Don't leave your wetsuit in the sun. Learn how to dry it faster, and take a look at what you can do to make it last longer.

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