Athletes of the Year 2014: Brad Domke, Oliver Bridge, Thomas Traversa and Amaury Lavernhe has announced the best wave riders of the year 2014.

They have been inspiring our lives and pushing the limits of wave sports.

They are the most talented surfers, kiteboarders, windsurfers, and bodyboarders of our oceans in 2014.

Their time is now.

The "Athletes of the Year 2014" by are:

Brad Domke | Surfer of the Year 2014


Brad Domke

Yes, he is a skimboarder. But Brad Domke changed the face of surfing in 2014 by showing us how to ride a wild Mexican bomb without fins and how to dominate "The Right" on a leaf. The Floridian charger had an amazing year getting barreled and performing multiple spins on 20-foot waves. Domke is boosting the growth of skimboarding, but he is also teaching shortboard surfers that there are no limits, only dreams and challenges to overcome.

Oliver Bridge | Kiteboarder of the Year 2014


Oliver Bridge

Oliver is only one of many talents in the Bridge family. In 2014, he won the Formula Kite European Championship, the Kiteboard North American Championships, the ISAF Sailing World Cup Abu Dhabi, and the Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton with a new record time. It's all said. But he will keep up the winning pace. Oliver Bridge is just too young to stop improving his outstanding sailing skills.

Thomas Traversa | Windsurfer of the Year 2014


Thomas Traversa

French windsurfing has had an incredible year, especially in the waves. And Thomas is the man of the moment. Not only he conquered the world's most extreme windsurfing event - the Red Bull Storm Chase - but he also won a maiden PWA Wave World Tour title. Thomas Traversa is your new windsurfing star. Keep an eye on the fearless lightweight champion.

Amaury Lavernhe | Bodyboarder of the Year 2014


Amaury Lavernhe

Amaury Lavernhe had a phenomenal year in 2014. The rider from Poitiers won the Arica and Sintra events to claim the 2014 APB World Tour title, the second planetary trophy of his career. And he didn't stop there. Lavernhe went on to win the French Nationals and the ISA World Bodyboard Championship in the Drop Knee division. Amaury is a savvy bodyboarder, and the sport needs more brains like his at work.

Congratulations to the "Athletes of the Year 2014" by!

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