Erik Logan: the CEO of the World Surf League unexpectedly left the company on June 30, 2023 | Photo: WSL

The World Surf League (WSL) announced the immediate departure of its chief executive officer (CEO), Erik Logan.

As the organization embarks on the search for a new CEO, Emily Hofer, WSL's chief people and purpose officer, and Bob Kane, chief operating officer and chief legal officer, will collectively steer the company.

No reason has been presented by the professional surfing circuit to part ways with Logan on the last day of June and in the middle of a Championship Tour (CT) event.

Was he sacked? Did he quit?

Erik Logan was responsible for the launch of the series "Make or Break" and "The Ultimate Surfer" and for introducing the three-tiered qualification system, the mid-year cut, and the world title finals.

He replaced Sophie Goldschmidt in January 2020.

Logan also moved the Pipeline Masters from the last to the first event of the season and got personally involved in the Surf Ranch judging controversy.

The WSL executive board says it will continue to propel its objective to highlight premier surfers surfing premium waves and establishing the WSL as the universal hub of professional surfing.

Dual Leadership

Who will lead the way? In the short term, Hofer and Kane's collaborative leadership will sail the WSL boat across choppy waters.

Since 2017, Emily Hofer has held the position of chief people officer for the WSL and took on additional responsibilities as chief purpose officer in 2020.

She was in charge of shaping strategy and plans and implementation of initiatives for WSL, Kelly Slater Wave Company, and the Surf Ranch globally.

Furthermore, she holds the title of executive director of WSL PURE, the league's non-profit arm, which aims to inspire and educate supporters about ocean conservation.

Since 2019, Bob Kane has held the dual roles of chief operating officer and chief legal officer for the WSL and serves as the general counsel for the Kelly Slater Wave Company.

Kane supervised the activities of the WSL across North America, Latin America, EMEA, and APAC, in addition to overseeing staff and athlete health, safety, and security.

He also spearheads the legal teams of both organizations, including contract partnerships.

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