Erik Logan: the new CEO of World Surf League | Photo: WSL

The World Surf League (WSL) announced that Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sophie Goldschmidt will be stepping down from her post.

The professional surfing circuit named Erik Logan - former WSL president of Content, Media, and Studios - the new CEO of the organization.

"Sophie has had a huge impact on the WSL. She is responsible for transforming both our business capabilities and culture in her tenure as CEO," underlined Dirk Ziff, owner of the World Surf League.

"With the converging trends in sports, media, and entertainment, we mutually agreed it was time to make a change. Erik Logan is a proven leader and a world-class media executive with a profound personal connection to the sport of surfing."

Goldschmidt took on the CEO role in 2017 and led the transformation of the WSL organizational structure.

The British executive refocused the business with an emphasis on the opportunity around the sport and lifestyle of surfing.

Goldschmidt also implemented equal prize money across professional men's and women's surfing and ran the first-ever competitive events at Surf Ranch, the wave pool owned WSL.

"It's been a privilege to work with my colleagues, athletes, partners, and communities around the world. Leading the WSL has been a professional highlight for me," added Sophie Goldschmidt.

WSL: A Content and Media Company

It is expected that the WSL increases its focus on becoming a content and media company. Goldschmidt will join the circuit's advisory board.

Erik Logan has previously served as president of the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) and executive vice president of Harpo Studios.

He has been working on WSL's Content, Media, and Studios division since February 2019 with the goal of revamping live broadcasts, and leading the development of off-platform content.

Logan designed the upcoming "The Ultimate Surfer" reality show, which will be airing during Summer 2020, as well as "24/7: Kelly Slater" on HBO.

The new CEO of WSL hopes to transform the organization into a "world-class live events, experiences, and media company."

"Surfing is powerful. As someone who came to it later in life, I understand the impact it can have on individuals, communities, and the world at large," notes Logan.

"To be able to lead world-class professionals at the WSL and combine my professional and personal passions is a dream come true."

Erik Logan will be responsible for overseeing the WSL World Tours, the WSL Studios, and the Kelly Slater Wave Co.

The World Surf League headquarters will remain in Santa Monica, California.

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