Flowstate: using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to track surfers' wave pool rides and analyze their body movements | Photo: Wavegarden

Imagine you've just finished your session at a wave pool, feeling the exhilaration of the out-of-the-ocean experience.

As you reminisce about the waves you've ridden, a notification on your phone reveals that every maneuver and turn you just executed has been captured in cinema-quality footage.

This isn't the work of a personal videographer or a friend with a drone - it's the magic of Flowstate.

The Revolution of Surf Capture

Flowstate is not just another video-capturing tool; it's the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the future of surfing technology.

Powered by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI), it detects, identifies, tracks, and films surfers as they ride waves, especially in controlled environments like wave pools.

At its core, Flowstate has developed a unique body identification system.

Every surfer, like snowflakes or fingerprints, has a distinct style and a nuanced pattern of movement.

Flowstate's system recognizes these minute distinctions, allowing it to track and film individual surfers without the need for physical tracking devices like RFID wristbands or board stickers.

This is a game-changer in the world of surf videography, even though not a new thing.

In 2022, USA Surfing and Microsoft announced they were working on AI-based technology to enable performance optimization and injury prevention of American athletes through motion analysis.

Flowstate works on the same computer vision paradigm but transforms it into a necessity good.

Flowstate: trained AI models allow the technology to recognize each surfer's unique wave-riding style | Photo: Flowstate

How Does Flowstate Work?

Employing multiple trained AI models, Flowstate identifies surfers, tracks their journey on the waves, and even automates the editing and cropping process.

The technology is so efficient that by the time a surfer sheds their wetsuit, they can view their freshly edited clips on their mobile devices.

Flowstate's ingenuity extends to its camera technology as well.

These aren't your everyday cameras; they are cinema-grade, designed to capture high-quality footage regardless of environmental challenges.

Combined with the AI software, the lenses are able to track the surfboards and even detect multiple surfer poses and body movement patterns.

From the glaring brightness of the midday sun to the subtle lighting of evening floodlights, these cameras, coupled with Flowstate's AI, showcase every surf park in its best light.

Flowstate: wave pool guests can purchase their surfing clips as soon as they leave the water | Photo: Flowstate

Benefits Beyond Just Footage

For the surfer, it's not merely about capturing memories.

All surfers can purchase their clips, review their waves, and analyze their performance and progress.

Watching their sessions offers valuable insights, enabling them to refine their techniques and improve faster than ever before.

Sharing these clips on social media platforms, in both portrait and landscape modes, adds to the fun and stoke.

Wave pool operators, too, stand to gain immensely.

The beauty of Flowstate is its hands-off approach. There's no cumbersome wearable technology to manage.

The system seamlessly integrates, capturing data and insights about water activity that were previously inaccessible.

Plus, the technology's integration extends to post-surf experiences.

Surf parks often have eateries and lounges where surfers can relax after a session.

Flowstate's replay mode encourages surfers to stay longer, enjoy a meal or a drink, and relive their surfing moments, all adding to the venue's revenue.

Coaches, too, are benefiting from this wave of innovation.

Flowstate's integrated coaching capabilities make video capture and editing a breeze, letting coaches concentrate on what they do best - coaching.

The Brains Behind Flowstate

The genius of Flowstate isn't just in its software but also in the team that created it.

Led by CEO Luke Wallace, a surf enthusiast with a rich background in PR, media, and customer experience, the team combines decades of expertise in events, entertainment, tech software, and AI.

COO Ben Robertson brings more than 20 years of experience in events and entertainment, ensuring the technology captures video in any condition.

CPO Mike Mortimer and CTO Chris Hausler, with vast knowledge in AI, have been pivotal in Flowstate's technological advancements.

Recognition for their revolutionary work hasn't been sparse.

At the 2023 Surf Park Summit, Flowstate clinched the Innovation Award, a testament to their groundbreaking product.

The modern surfer demands more than just waves. They seek growth, community, and memories.

Flowstate, with its AI-powered video capture product, is ensuring that surf parks aren't just destinations for fun but platforms for personal growth and lasting memories.

As UrbnSurf noted, "The way the technology captures every surfer... it's the best we've seen in the industry."

In an era where seeing is believing, Flowstate ensures every wave, every turn, and every moment is seen, relived, and cherished.

The future of surf parks is here, and it's looking incredibly bright.

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