FlowSurf: the new deep-flow stationary wave machine developed by Hydrostadium in association with FlowRider | Photo: FlowRider

FlowSurf is the new deep-flow stationary wave machine technology developed by Hydrostadium in association with FlowRider.

In the heart of the 1990s, FlowRider brought forth the stationary wave system.

Boasting over 200 machines installed globally, the brand holds the trust of surf enthusiasts with a simple dream: to allow anyone, anywhere, to experience the thrill of riding a wave.

Initially, the FlowRider accomplished this through flowboarding - surfing on a thin layer of water racing over an inclined plane.

But a genuine surfing sensation was still out of reach - until the birth of FlowSurf.

FlowSurf River: a wave machine designed to bring the surf experience into existing flows of water, like whitewater rapids courses or a river diversion | Photo: FlowRider

Indoors, Lakes and Rivers

Hydrostadium, a subsidiary of the French energy conglomerate EDF, worked on several deep-flow stationary wave machine prototypes that will now be renamed under the FlowRider umbrella of products.

They are:

  • FlowSurf;
  • FlowSurf Lake;
  • FlowSurf River;

The new artificial wave technology offers an exciting, novice-friendly experience, obliterating the often daunting barriers of traditional surfing.

Riders enter this perpetual wave from the side, standing tall, with no need to navigate wave selection, pop-ups, or the exhaustive paddle.

The wave, after all, never ends. The concept is similar to the Unit Surf Pool.

Within mere hours on FlowSurf, newcomers can transition from wobbly beginners to confident wave-carvers.

As for the seasoned surfer? The allure of the endless wave awaits.

And while advanced surfers might scoff at safety bars, these serve as a godsend for novices.

Once the balance is mastered, the challenge for the experienced rider lies in the infinite wave's carve.

Smooth Water Inspired by Mangrove Trees

Hawaii's Waimea River Wave, with its incredibly smooth water, serves as the muse for FlowSurf.

To replicate the perfection of nature, engineers turned to an unexpected ally - mangrove trees.

In the wild, these trees have the uncanny ability to smoothen turbulent water.

Through meticulous design and technology, FlowSurf achieves this effect, providing a ride that feels like "a sharp knife slicing through soft butter."

"This wave is more cost-efficient for a venue to run over time compared to similar deep flow systems because it uses less power," FlowRider notes.

"Power is often the biggest cost for venues with stationary waves, so saving here is not only great for the environment, but it can also save your venue thousands in the long run!"

The wave can be adjusted from 1-4 feet with just the click of a button, allowing it to cater to beginners, experts, and anyone in between.

"We do this using variable speed pumps, not with a mechanical flap, so maintenance is even easier as less equipment is involved compared to similar deep flow systems."

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