Surfing: are there waves in afterlife?

Welcome to December 21, 2012, the day the world ends. Waves, oceans, surfboards, and surfers will say goodbye to this life. So, grab your favorite stick and go surfing one last time.

Surfers, the end is nigh. The world is preparing for the afterlife, as the Mayan apocalypse calendar sets a finishing line for human beings.

We, the religious surfers and prophets walking on water, must ride one last wave. The one. The best wave of our lives. The endless barrel of eternal pleasure.

Has the mysticism around the idea that the world is going to end made you think of that last surf session? What would you do to enjoy the last surfing day?

For the first time in 5125 years, at the stroke of the solstice (11:12 GMT), the Maya calendar will hit "". At that time, believers of the "2012ology" will be surfing the ultimate spiritual wave.

Surfing Before the End of the World

So, what are the ten things a surfer should do before the world ends?

  1. Wake up to the sound of The Beach Boys;
  2. Get spiritual with yoga poses for surfers;
  3. Enjoy a good surfer's meal;
  4. Watch one of the best surf movies of all time;
  5. Play an online surfing game;
  6. Pick your wetsuit and favorite surfboard;
  7. Install your surfboard bike rack and travel to the beach;
  8. Enjoy the last surfing day before Apocalypse;
  9. Take a break to count how many waves you have surfed in your life;
  10. Join the afterlife reading "West of Jesus: Surfing, Science, and the Origins of Belief";

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