Haiti joins the International Surfing Association

March 12, 2015 | Surfing
Haiti: land of barrels and great surfers | Photo: Surf Haiti

Haiti is the 94th member of the International Surfing Association (ISA).

Despite the devastating earthquake in 2010, surfing is alive in this Caribbean country. Surf Haiti, the national governing body for surfing of Haiti, is developing educational programs, sustainability initiatives, and the nation's first surf school.

"In recent yearsn Surf Haiti has contributed to the Haitian community by generating a source of revenue, improving access to drinking water and leading on sustainability initiatives linked to the preservation of the environment and its resources," reveals Lionel Pierre, president of Surf Haiti.

"Surfing changed my life and I am truly energized to touch the lives of others through our wonderful sport. For Haiti, full ISA membership means new possibilities, new connections and new friends in the global Surfing community."

Surf Haiti is currently providing better access to the sport for young Haitians while also educating members in best practices relating to the environment, clean water, local culture and personal development.

Haiti has 1,100 miles (1,771 kilometers) of coastline. Discover where to surf in Haiti.

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