The Endless Summer Resort: powered by American Wave Machines

The Endless Summer Resort, a four-acre artificial surfing pool, will be built in West Oahu, Hawaii.

The North Shore of Oahu might have the best waves on the planet, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't build an artificial wave complex a few steps away from the Seven Mile Miracle.

Surf City Hui LLC has teamed up with American Wave Machines to install swell technology in a new surf park inspired by Bruce Brown's "The Endless Summer" movies.

"Our overriding design philosophy was to create surf, the dynamics of the ocean at the beach, not just individual waves. We've accomplished that with PerfectSwell," explains Bruce McFarland, founder and president of American Wave Machines.

"At The Endless Summer Resort, we will be able to create a surfing experience that removes the fear for beginners and, in some cases, exceeds the real thing for expert surfers," adds Chad Waters, co-founder of Surf City Hui LLC.

The 400-unit resort is currently negotiating with a landowner for a site in West Oahu.

The Endless Summer Resort will also feature restaurants, a spa, surf shops, and a surfing museum developed by The Surfing Heritage & Culture Center.

Hawaii's first artificial surf pool is expected to open in the summer of 2017. Let there be waves.

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