Sion Milosky: gone but not forgotten

Hundreds of surfers, Hawaiians, and friends have paid tribute to Sion Milosky, the big wave surfer that lost his life while riding Mavericks, in Half Moon Bay, California.

The Prince Kuhio Beach Park gathered fans wearing the "Live Like Sion" cap.

Milosky was a great surfer, dad, husband, and friend. He always wanted to get a bigger and better wave.

His intense battle with adrenaline was memorable. The Kauai charger is an inspiration to all generations of worldwide surfers and won't be forgotten.

In homage to Sion Milosky, surfers paddled out, formed the classic Hawaiian circle and poured the ashes of their friend.

At the same time, helicopters dropped beautiful flowers and emotions flowed.

Sion Milosky was born in 1975, in Kalaheo. He was the son of a Californian hippie who had moved to Hawaii around 1970 to seek the islands’ aloha spirit as the American “flower power” dream faded.

Sion, nicknamed "Bam Bam", began bodyboarding on Poipu Beach, at only three years old. By the time he attended Waimea High School was an expert surfer.

Sion surfed the biggest wave ever paddled at Himalayas, last winter.

Watch how he did it. Milosky leaves behind his wife, and two daughters. He was 35-years-old.

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