How to choose a surf school

Surf schools: a great place to learn to surf | Photo: Shutterstock

Have you felt the call to go surfing? Are you planning to enroll your kids in surf lessons? Are you unsure of which surf school to choose from?

Selecting the right surf school for you or your children can be tricky, especially when there are so many options available.

Talking to people who had previous surf school experiences can be a wise move, for example.

Surf lessons are often a good way to start surfing.

Competent surf instructors will teach you the fundamentals of wave riding and the ocean and help you stand up fast on a surfboard.

Private surf lessons are even better because you'll get exclusive tuition classes. The coach is solely focused on your mistakes and making the necessary adjustments to get you surfing.

Surfing 101 requires a dedicated teacher but also a committed pupil.

Remember that your instructor's success is your success, and vice versa, so make sure you communicate with each other as you progress in the surf.

So, if your favorite surf schools tick the following boxes, then go for it. Book your surf lesson now:

Surf schools: instructors will help you stand up on the surfboard fast | Photo: Shutterstock

1. Surf School Near Your Home

You need to feel it's your local surf school, but it will also be easier to get to the beach when the perfect tide, wind, and swell conditions align for your next surf lesson.

2. Surf Lessons Given in a Safe Environment

You need to feel comfortable with the breaks, and you must know that you're learning to surf in a safe spot with no tricky currents and rocky bottoms.

3. Certified Surf Instructors

The person who teaches you the basics of surfing (paddling, taking off, trimming, and turning) should be a fully-licensed professional accredited by the International Surfing Association (ISA).

4. Surf Lessons Should Feature a Maximum of Eight Beginners

The more first-timers per instructor, the worse it gets for you;

5. Surf Gear is Included

You don't need a surfboard and a wetsuit to start surfing - surf schools should provide the right gear for your body shape and type so that you learn fast and become an accomplished surfer.

You can also learn to surf in surf camps. Take a look at what you should expect from a surf lesson.