Surfer bracelet: all you need is waxed cotton cord, clear nail polish, scissors, tape, and a ruler

Here's a simple DIY guide to making a colorful, stackable, square knot surfer bracelet for your friends and family. It's easy and fun.

In a world surrounded by smartphones, electronic devices, and hours spent behind screens, it's always fun and healthy to get back to basics.

Do you remember those colorful bracelets you once wore during summer? Have you ever tried your luck in arts and crafts?

Here's your chance to impress your loved ones with a cool, simple, easy-to-make, surf-inspired cotton bracelet.

You won't need much. All materials involved might very well be found inside your house, hidden inside a couple of drawers.

Gather the following materials and place them on a table. Make yourself a fresh fruit juice or open a beer, and grab a few cookies or fries.

Get ready to create the ultimate surfer bracelet using the cobra stitch, also known as Portuguese Sinnet or Solomon Bar:


  • Waxed cotton cord;
  • Clear nail polish;
  • Scissors;
  • Tape;
  • Ruler;

DIY Instructions

Making a surfer bracelet is easy. Here's how to do it:

  1. Measure one 66-inch piece of cord and an 18-inch piece of cord;
  2. Fold the longer piece in half and tape it down;
  3. Tape the shorter piece on top;
  4. Go down about four inches and place another piece of tape;
  5. Cross the right strand over the middle and under the left;
  6. Take the left strand and cross it under the middle and bring it up through the triangle, and tighten it to finish the knot;
  7. Now, switch to the left strand;
  8. Bring it over the middle and under the right;
  9. Take the right strand, bring it under the middle, through the triangle and tighten to finish the knot;
  10. When you finish, cut off the right and left strands and then seal your knots with some clear polish for added security;
  11. Even out the tails with a pair of scissors;
  12. To make the adjustable closure, overlap the tails and secure them with two pieces of tape;
  13. Then, take about 12 inches of cord and slip it underneath the tails - you can use another color to make it look cooler;
  14. Use the two tails as your middle strand and make three square knots all over again;
  15. Add knots to each of the tails so the adjustable closure doesn't flip off;

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