Wavegarden: the wave pool system uses unique filtering and sanitation treatments with minimal chemicals | Photo: Wavegarden

Perfect surfing conditions require great waves and pristine water. Here's how Wavegarden guarantees both.

Our surfing lagoons are supplied with a state-of-the-art water treatment system that delivers turquoise, crystal clear, and hygienically safe water.

Created in-house, this is the only system custom-engineered, built, and successfully implemented specifically for Wavegarden Cove surfing lagoons.

Proven and optimized to reduce CapEx and OpEx, Wavegarden has set the industry standard high.

On our existing surf parks, we have proven it is possible to reduce recirculation flows and obtain chlorine values much lower than those required in public swimming pools while maintaining excellent quality.

The system uses unique filtering and sanitation treatments with minimal chemicals.

Fluid dynamics research on currents is used to maximize efficiency.

Wavegarden: crystal clear water with turbidity levels of less than 5 NTU | Photo: Wavegarden

Crystal Clear Water

As a result, 100 percent of the water volume can be sanitized in less than one hour.

The system's overall design takes into consideration water source, water body volume and geometry, still water and wave generation periods, current circulation, local climatic and environmental conditions, and surfer density.

Our water treatment plant is the smallest on the market, optimizing its footprint to approximately 120 square meters for a standard Wavegarden Cove, and it can even be placed underground.

Compared to traditional water treatment technologies, this translates into substantial savings in energy, water, and operational costs.

The level of transparency is simply impeccable.

Our crystal clear water has a turbidity level of less than 5 NTU, even during wave generation.

Three efficient disinfection and filtration systems remove particles above one to five microns.

Thanks to our work with two leading European research centers that specialize in water treatment and disinfection, we have developed proprietary protocols to create an environment free of amoeba and pathogenic microorganisms.

Saving Energy and Water

The system functions autonomously, operating 24/7 all year long.

It is monitored online and equipped with decision-making support for all parameters.

Our comprehensive maintenance solutions include an automated vacuuming system that covers up to 10,000 square meters in just three hours.

The system respects the stringent legislation in place in the USA, Brazil, Australia, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and most other countries.

Energy consumption is less than 0.05 kilowatts per cubic meter (kW/m3) of water per day, and water usage is less than one cubic meter per day.

The water can be recycled into the environment, and some of our projects consume up to 95 percent less chemicals than conventional systems.

We also provide rainwater storage solutions and other water-saving techniques.

Our water treatment system has been rigorously tested and proven at existing Wavegarden facilities across the globe, so you can rest assured we have your water quality needs covered.

Words by Wavegarden

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