Taj Burrow: scoring at Keramas | Photo: WSL

Taj Burrow has taken out the Komune Bali Pro 2016, at Keramas, in Indonesia. The Australian might be leaving pro surfing, but he still knows how to impress.

The Championship Tour CT) veteran beat Shane Holmes in the final minute, after waiting patiently for the decisive wave. Burrow was almost ready to throw the towel in when a gem appeared from nowhere.

"I was about to congratulate Shane before that one came through. I didn't think that one would barrel but it was big so I just stalled as hard as I could then got a few turns in and it definitely felt like I got the score, it was a real gift," expressed Taj Burrow.

The Dream Tour surfer was put in a combination situation, but he ended up stealing the highest two-wave total of the competition. Burrow's back-to-back victory at the Komune Bali Pro is the cherish on top of the cake in a long and successful career at the highest level.

"To be honest, I had never heard of Shane until this contest. When I saw him surf I knew he was the real deal. Then when I saw him beat Joel and was in the final, I definitely wasn't taking it lightly. To win a couple of events here is amazing I love this wave, it's fitting as it will be one of my last WSL events. I couldn't be happier."

Komune Bali Pro 2016 | Final

1. Taj Burrow (AUS), 18.74
2. Shane Homes (AUS), 1767

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