2011 Nike 6.0 Cash For Tricks: aerialist in action

Jack Freestone has conquered the 2011 Nike 6.0 Cash For Tricks Series. The young Australian rider took top honors in shoulder-high surf under sunny skies at Plage de la Madrague, Anglet, France.

The best tricksters in the world joined for the international final. The top earner for progressive moves throughout the day, reigning ASP World Junior Champ Freestone was understandably stoked with the victory.

"So happy to be here in France and to win this event, big thanks to Nike for putting on this contest, I'm really stoked."

Showcasing the repertoire that saw him as one of the pre-event favorites, the Australian finished ahead of fellow finalists Felix Messias (Bra), Thiago Camarao (Bra), Wiggolly Dantas (Bra), Beyrick de Vries (Zaf) and Reubyn Ash (UK) with a confident display of cutting edge surfing.

Arguably the most in-form and radical surfer through the rounds, Gabriel Medina (Bra), just missed out on the final after entertaining the crowd with a dazzling display of tricks over the two days.

"I was disappointed not to make the final but still really happy to have been invited to this contest, and I love this format," reckoned the young Brazilian.

The 2011 Nike 6.0 Cash For tricks series took place in Sopelana, Spain, Praia Grande, Portugal, Newquay, UK, and Seignosse, France, awarding wildcards to the best two surfers from each event to compete in the finals.

With a fresh, innovative format that simply encouraged surfers to go big to earn prize money, the Cash For Tricks series treated beach crowds and media to the kind of radical surfing not always seen in traditional competition.

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