The Jesus Board: a 90 percent fully transparent surfboard | Photo: Jesus Board

It comes with no stringer, and it is nearly fully transparent. No, it is not a Tupperware container. It's the Jesus Board.

In a way, surfing is the art of walking on water. Surfers stand on their surfboards and glide across the surface of the water like pure magic.

So, surfing is an unforgettable religious experience. But it could be better, especially if we were somehow allowed to see through the surfboard.

Well, the dream is now a reality. And it comes with the perfect name - the Jesus Board.

The Jesus Board: the surfboard for walking on water | Photo: Jesus Board

Watching Sharks

The secret developers used a super high-grade material to ensure the transparent surfboard wouldn't break.

The Jesus Board shapers say that the new surf craft delivers a "smooth, fast, and fun ride" despite 90 percent of the board being fully transparent.

Yes, a good wax job might diminish the joy of watching sharks swimming underneath your belly, but you will definitely see more blue water than in the past.

And there's always the high-tech adhesive that works like wax.

The price - $749 - may be worth the experience. The company behind the Jesus Board will also market paddleboards and wakeboards.

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