HexaTraction: a light, thin and easy-to-install board grip and traction sticker

When it comes to surfboard traction, wax, and pads have been the weapon of choice for decades. But there's a new system ready to revolutionize the deck of your board.

Wax is not the most eco-friendly product on earth, and traction pads can be heavy and too permanent. Is there a hybrid solution that blends both worlds? Yes, there is.

The HexaTraction by RSPro is a light, thin, and easy-to-install board grip and traction sticker that will keep your feet stuck to the surfboard.

Its modular configuration doesn't cover the board graphics and will not harm your skin.

The idea was designed in Barcelona, where, contrary to popular belief, there are great waves for surfing.

Each HexaTraction kit comes with 18 full hexagons and four half hexagons. You can combine them, as you wish, on the board.

All 18 hexagons weigh 115 grams (4 ounces) and are extremely comfortable.

Forget melted wax and sun damage. The HexaTraction protects your surfboard from UV rays, and it is waterproof.

Non-Abrasive Stickers

You should install the adhesives in a warm environment.

Clean the desired area with alcohol, and pour water before sticking the adhesives. Remove all air and water by rubbing the area with your fingers.

The new surfboard traction concept is temperature-independent, which means that the materials will adapt to cold and warm waters.

If you're surfing tropical waves, you won't even need a rash guard or shirt because the stickers are non-abrasive.

Remember that with HexaTraction by RSPRo, you won't waste time waxing up the surfboard.

But if you're still unsure about HexaTraction, combine the high-tech adhesive with wax or traditional traction pads. Use both simultaneously and decide for yourself.

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