View From A Blue Moon: a film with and by John John Florence | Photo: VFABM

"View From A Blue Moon" is the first surf movie shot in 4K. And John John Florence is the star of the film.

The flick's storyline couldn't be more promising. They say we'll see "the sport of surfing as it's never been captured before," as imagined through the eyes of Blake Vincent Kueny.

In the days of online streaming, it's hard to find a feature film in which surfing, waves, and surfers take center stage.

The cinematographic adventure is always expensive and requires shooting in multiple exotic destinations.

"View From A Blue Moon" is a forceful endeavor.

The spectator will follow John John Florence, family, and friends as he hits the surf on his Hawaiian island and in his favorite breaks around the planet.

Florence will always be pushing the boundaries of the sport.

His new signature movie proves that you can count on him to guide us through the future of surfing with no preconceptions and against all established trends.

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