John John Florence: exploring the Portuguese slabs and beach breaks

John John Florence has suffered a few injuries while free surfing at Cave, near Ericeira, in Portugal.

The Hawaiian prodigy decided to take on one of the most dangerous surf peaks of the Portuguese World Surfing Reserve.

After winning the Round 1 heat at the Rip Curl Pro Portugal 2012, John John Florence headed to the iconic wave to enjoy a few barrels with Ruben Gonzalez and a few other locals.

Cave was pumping heavy two-meter barreling waves. "We could only get out of two out of ten waves. When we were out the back, John John asked me how could I surf in there and where he should take-off", Gonzalez told Surf Portugal magazine.

"I surfed one wave and had to leave through the rocks. It was when I saw John John getting barreled. I only saw him afterwards when we was out", tells the surfer from Guincho.

John John Florence suffered a few lacerations and bruises in the hands and body and was transported to hospital, where a few radiographs confirmed he can keep on surfing at the Rip Curl Pro Portugal 2012.

Cave is a ultra heavy, shallow, barreling wave located near the surf town of Ericeira. With a flat reef bottom, Cave requires an experienced bottom turn. Crazy Left and Coxos are the nearest surf spot alternatives nearby.

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