Koa Rothman shines in heavy Teahupoo

May 14, 2013 | Surfing
Koa Rothman: getting ready for the Tahitian beast

Koa Rothman has scored an epic day of big wave surfing, at Teahupoo, Tahiti.

Two weeks after the announcement of the best big wave rides of the 2013 season, Koa Rothman enjoyed an unforgettable swell in one of the most dangerous wave in the world - Teahupoo.

With wave sets peaking at 26 foot (eight meters), the surfer from the North Shore of Oahu surfer scored a few breathtaking barrels in the infamous Tahitian surf arena.

In 2011, Teahupoo recorded one of the biggest days of surfing in the history of the spot. The "Code Red" session has remained in the memory of the big wave riding community and has never been dethroned.

Koa Rothman is a member of the well-known Rothman clan. He is the son of Hui co-founder Eddie Rothman, and younger brother to pro surfer Makua Rothman.

Kealii Mammala, Mark Healey, Manoa Drollet, Kalani Chapman and Laurie Towner also scored deep wave pits, during this mid-May extravaganza, in Teahupoo.