Learn how to become a "Fluid Surfer"

August 9, 2016 | Surfing
Fluid Surfer: a 179-page book that will help your become a stronger and better surfer

Did you know that the surfer's body has 17 problematic body areas? "Fluid Surfer" is a 179-page book that will help you become a stronger and better surfer.

Michelle Drielsma came to surfing relatively late in her life, but she rapidly discovered a new passion, and it became her "loyal physical, mental and emotional dumping ground."

However, as years went by, the author of "Fluid Surfer" understood that she had to do more for her body to feel in sync with the ocean and the waves.

"I decided to develop a mobility and flexibility regime than would keep me surfing for the rest of my life," notes Drielsma, an exercise physiologist, and strength coach.

"We all want, to squeeze out as many years as possible in what we love to do most and I have become passionate about teaching surfers how to look after their bodies and perform to the best of their ability."

"Fluid Surfer" quickly tells us that surfing is a natural combination of flexibility, mobility, stability, strength, power, endurance, agility, coordination, and perceptual/cognitive skill.

And it will also help you make a self-assessment. You are invited to identify which areas of your body are tight or have pain and then find the corresponding remedies and exercises.

"Michelle has been on a clear and focused mission for us all by laying down well documented examples of her insights and knowledge with an aim to urge us to take action for ourselves into moving more efficiently and therefore bring more opportunity for the exact reason we connected with surfing from the outset, the pure joy it brings to our whole being," Tom Carroll writes in his foreword.

"Fluid Surfer" is a must-have surf fitness book. It is aimed at beginner, intermediate, and pro surfers of all ages. If you follow Drielsma's simple training routines, you will feel better in and out of the water.