Longboards get FCS II fin system

June 5, 2015 | Surfing
FCS II: longboarders can now make subtle adjustments while surfing

Longboard addicts can forget screws and plates. The new FCS II Tool-Less Longboard fins can be inserted, adjusted and removed in seconds.

The surf fins brand will deliver an entirely new longboard fin range to coincide with the release of the new technology, inspired by the FC II system. These new fins are designed to be used in existing FCS Longboard boxes.

The FCS II Tool-Less Longboard fins allow you to make subtle adjustments while surfing. The titanium rod and barrel mechanism are housed within a specially designed cassette that resides in the base of the fins.

The fin company will be releasing the FCS II LB Essential Series, with three unique single fin templates: the Connect, Pivot and the Flow.

Each fin is suited to a different style of longboard surfing, from the fast, high-performance approach, through to nose riding and a more traditional laid-back style.

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