Merewether Surfboard Club: the winners of the 2019 Australian Boardriders Battle | Photo: Merewether Surfboard Club

The Merewether Surfboard Club conquered the 2019 Australian Boardriders Battle, at Newcastle Beach, in New South Wales, Australia.

The national final got underway in front of hundreds of surf fans who cheered for the 24 teams that took part in the event. The decisive waves were ridden in two-to-three-foot surf.

The ultimate clash had Merewether Surfboard Club, North Shelly Boardriders Club, North Shore Boardriders Club, and Snapper Rocks Surfriders Club battling it out for the prestigious title.

In the end, and after a close call last year, Merewether was able to steal the trophy and make history.

"I am still struggling for words. It was heartbreaking to watch the boys fall agonizingly short last year. To have a couple of men down and come with a cruisy approach this year and end like this is just a dream come true," expressed Jesse Adam, president of the Merewether Surfboard Club.

The winning team won 20,000 dollars. The prize money will help fund the club's international notoriety.

"We've got a massive focus on our juniors at the moment, so we will take the junior and QS-level surfers to a lot of events."

The Australian Boardriders Battle is the largest grassroots boardriders event in Australian surfing history. In 2019, it involved 70 clubs from all over the country.

"We love this event. It's all about building the capacity and the profile of the boardrider clubs. Over the last five years, we've 750,000 dollars in the clubs, and they are what build world champions," notes Layne Beachley, chair of Surfing Australia.

2019 Australian Boardriders Battle | National Final Results

1. Merewether Surfboard Club (NSW) 36.00 points
2. North Shelly Boardriders Club (NSW) 32.00 points
3. North Shore Boardriders Club (QLD) 27.90 points
4. Snapper Rocks Surfriders Club (QLD) 25.10 points

Award Recipients

Rabbit Bartholomew Medal: Liam O’Brien
Layne Beachley Medal: Sophie McCulloch
Air of the Event Award: Connor O’Leary
AirShow Winner: Alistair Reginato
Prizm Award: Carl Wright
Junior Spirit Award: Lennox Chell
Fresh Wave Award: Taj Stokes

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