Joel Parkinson: surfing for the Snapper Rocks Boardriders

The Snapper Rocks Surfriders have conquered the 2015 Australian Boardriders Battle for a second successive year at Cronulla.

Australia's biggest grassroots boardriders event series showcased the 20 best surf clubs in the country. The defending champions from Queensland maintained their consistency and finished second in the last event of the day in the teams' relay division.

"Thanks very much for another amazing event down here. We love coming down here; we love the locals and enjoy the atmosphere with all the clubs," expressed Jay Phillips, the Snapper Rocks captain.

"To our team, we can't really do it without all the great people, and our top gun, Joel Parkinson, put on a great show for us to stay in the game. We're bringing it home. This is what I live for. I love club surfing."

The powerful Snapper Rocks lineup consisted of Joel Parkinson, Mitch Crews, Mitch Parkinson, Reef Doig, Holly-Daze Coffey Sheldon Simkus, Quinn Bruce, Jay Phillips, Wayne Bartholomew (coach), and Lorraine Bryant (coach).

Coffs Harbour Boardriders will be celebrating long and hard after knocking over Snapper to win the teams' relay division and take second place in the overall points in their 50th-year celebrations.

The Culburra Boardriders finished third overall.

Jayke Sharp (Coffs Harbour Boardriders) was awarded the Wayne Bartholomew Medal for the best-performing male surfer at the National Final.

Stacey Holt (Point Lookout Boardriders) won the Layne Beachley Medal for best-performing female.

Nick Squiers (Scarborough Boardriders) won the Milwaukee Heavy Duty Hack Award for the surfer who displayed the biggest and best power move, and Bondi Boardriders won the Fox Sports Patriot Award for the club that demonstrated the most passionate spirit during the National Final after bringing a robust support crew to Cronulla complete with a three-piece band.

2015 Australian Boardriders Battle | Final Standings

1. Snapper Rocks Boardriders, 5525
2. Coffs Harbour Boardriders, 4800
3. Culburra Boardriders, 4262
4. North Narrabeen, 4250
5. Avoca Boardriders, 4174
6. Merewether Surfboard Club, 4062
7. Point Lookout Boardriders, 4050
8. Bondi Boardriders, 3862
9. Byron Bay Boardriders, 3851
10. Le Ba Boardriders, 3850
11. Scarborough Boardriders, 3762
12. Margaret River Boardriders, 3750
13. Kirra Surfriders, 3674
14. South Coast Boardriders, 3550
15. Cronulla Sharks Boardriders, 3362
16. Philip Island Boardriders, 3162
17. Peninsula Surfriders, 3063
18. Burleigh Boardriders, 3062
19. Coolum Boardriders, 2750
20. South Arm Boardriders, 2550

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