Mick Fanning: the Kirra Surfriders Club days

Mick Fanning will join the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the Kirra Surfriders Club (KSC), on the 28th January, in the Cultural Centre of the Kirra Hill, in Australia.

Mick and his brothers Ed and Sean joined Kirra, in the early 90's, when the Fanning family moved to Coolangatta, from Ballina.

"I think it was about 17 years ago now. I always remember Tommy Peterson coming up with the most random calls ever. It was so funny! It was really cool and great to be part of Kirra. Some of the friends I met in the club are still good friends today and yeh it’s been fun", says Fanning.

"I think it’s great for us to be able to come back and to give back to the clubs that helped us along the way. I think that club surfing in Australia is the thing that grooms the kids at such a young age and teaches them about competitiveness and also the friendship within the competitiveness".

"That’s something that you only learn at a club level, learning to be able to let it go. Without club surfing there is no way we would be as strong as we are today as a surfing nation", adds the two-time world surfing champion.

Kirra Surfriders Club helped Mick Fanning's surfing and club competition developed his competitive skills. The Australian surf star is looking forward to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Kirra Surfriders Club. "I only live down the road so I can walk home!", joked Fanning.

Tickets for Kirra's 50th anniversary cost only $10 with food and drink additionally provided in BBQ style, under big marquee's with live music and entertainment provided for the groms and obviously a big afternoon and night from 2.30pm until 8pm.

It will definitely be fun to get together five generations of surfers, from the baby boomers to gen next of the legendary Kirra characters.

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