Mick Fanning: the three-time world champion will surf for Rip Curl until 2029 | Photo: Rip Curl

Michael Eugene Fanning will be surfing for Australian surf company, Rip Curl, at least until 2029.

The 37-year-old surfer from New South Wales signed a fresh new sponsorship deal with the brand for a decade.

Fanning, who announced his retirement from professional competitive surfing in 2018, celebrated a lifetime contract with Rip Curl.

As a professional free surfer, the "White Lightning" will embrace some of the company's main projects, like The Search, but will also continue to work on his business endeavors.

Fanning is currently focused on the development of MF Surfboards and is also an active shareholder of Balter Breweries.

The three-time world surfing champion first signed with Rip Curl back in 1998. Since then, celebrated triumphs and overcame personal setbacks.

"Mick isn’t just a world champion surfer - he is the most important surfer in the history of our company," notes Neil Ridgway, marketing chairman at Rip Curl.

"We know that, and he feels it too. You don’t walk away from a relationship like that, especially when it’s still working and it’s good fun."

Mick Fanning has always had a close relationship with Brian Singer and Claw Warbrick, founders of Rip Curl, and says he is "looking forward to the new adventures ahead."

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