Miss Reef 2016 dives into Mexico's Pacific coastline

November 2, 2015 | Surfing
Miss Reef 2016: the girls visited Costa Alegre, in Mexico

The Miss Reef 2016 is here. The most famous surf calendar in the world returns with new adventures in exotic sceneries. The girls visited Costalegre, in Mexico.

The photographer behind Miss Reef 2016 is Kate Bellm. She was born in London in 1987, and she has been building a career in the fashion industry, with a clear focus on the woman's body.

The Miss Reef 2016 film is a bit different from previous editions. You'll find stunning black-and-white angles mixed up with high-contrast colored details. The water, the jungle, the beach.

Miss Reef 2016: exotic lines in both color and black-and-white

"[Kate] took an edgy perspective but retained the mystery of Miss Reef. The final result was twelve months worth of youth culture-driven pop art of Miss Reef in cerulean lagoons and lush tropical woodlands of the Pacific Mexican coast, all with Miss Reef falling into Bellm's brand of mischief and adventure," underlines Reef.

Reef was founded in 1990 by Fernando and Santiago Aguerre. The Miss Reef Calendar 2016 is available now in the brand's official website.