New artificial wave pool planned for Sweden

March 9, 2014 | Surfing
Fun Surf Town: Sweden will have perfect waves for surfing

The first-ever artificial wave pool in Sweden will be built in Varberg.

Fun Surf Town will be a water park with built-in Wavegarden technology. The small Swedish coastal town will feature a 300-meter wave pool pumping left and right rides.

The infrastructure will have car parks, locker rooms, restaurants, cottages, and many other water attractions.

Fun Surf Town will be built just inland from the seaside, near two popular surf breaks: Apelviken and Lajet.

Intermediate and advanced surfers will be able to enjoy the full-length waves, while beginners may start in the last third of the wave pool.

The Wavegarden technology is spreading in Europe. The Spanish surf park model is currently being displayed in a full-sized demo center in the Basque Country.

The next installment will be Bristol, in the United Kingdom, followed by projects in Portugal and France.