Guinness: one of the most exciting surfing commercials

Guinness "Surfer" commercial: what a way to promote a beer

Ten years ago, director Jonathan Glazer and Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO (London) created one of the most fantastic surfing commercials ever made.

The "Surfer" was designed to promote world-famous beer, Guinness.

The TV campaign told the story of a Polynesian surfer who managed to ride a massive wave under pretty interesting circumstances: white horses were running with enormous power behind the colossal wave.

Surfer" was shot in Hawaii, won several prizes, and was even considered by Channel 4 and The Sunday Times as the best ad of all time.

The script was based on "Neptune's Horses," an 1893 Walter Crane painting.

The soundtrack was composed by Leftfield, a British electronic band.

Watch the Guinness ad. Discover the greatest surfing commercials of all time.

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