2019 Billabong Pipeline Masters: Gabriel Medina is chasing his third world title | Photo: Sloane/WSL

The final day of the 2019 Billabong Pipe Masters has a lot on the line.

The event's results have implications on the World Surf League (WSL) Men's Championship Tour (CT) title, but also on the qualification for next year's elite season, the Tokyo 2020, and the Triple Crown of Surfing champion's decision.

There are three world surfing title contenders left standing: Italo Ferreira, Gabriel Medina, and Kolohe Andino.

The current five scenarios for these surfers are as follows:

1. If Italo Ferreira wins the Pipe Masters, he conquers the world title;

2. If Ferreira finishes runner-up, Gabriel Medina must win the event to take the world title;

3. If Ferreira reaches the semifinals, Medina needs to finish runner-up;

4. If Ferreira loses in the quarterfinals, Medina needs to reach the semifinals;

5. If Ferreira loses in the Round of 16, Medina needs to reach the quarterfinals, and Kolohe Andino must win the event;

John John Florence: close to securing a ticket to Tokyo 2020 | Cestari/WSL

QS/CT Bubble and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Spots

The 2019 Billabong Pipe Masters will also decide who's in and out of the 2020 Men's CT season.

There are surfers fighting to remain in the top 22 and surfers below the qualifying bar who still have a chance to join the elite of surfing next year.

Finally, there's Yago Dora, who qualified via Qualifying Series (QS) but can still open a new spot if he finishes in CT's top 22.

There are also two spots on the line for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - one for the United States and one for Australia.

John John Florence and Kelly Slater are battling it out for the American ticket, while Julian Wilson and Jack Freestone are surfing to raise their country's flag in Japan.

Ewing, Bourez, Slater and Freestone: the 2019 Triple Crown of Surfing title contenders | Photo: VTCS

The 2019 Triple Crown of Surfing Title Race

Then, there's the 2019 Triple Crown of Surfing title, with four contenders chasing the prestigious Hawaiian trophy.

Michel Bourez is one of the only five athletes in the history of the Triple Crown of Surfing to win at all three gems at Haleiwa, Sunset Beach, and Banzai Pipe.

The Tahitian needs to win the Pipe Masters to claim the overall trophy.

Kelly Slater needs to reach the semifinals at Pipeline and finish ahead of Bourez to clinch his third Triple Crown of Surfing.

Jack Freestone needs Bourez and Slater to fall in the quarterfinals and then win the Pipe Masters to secure the trophy.

Finally, Ethan Ewing is leading the rankings, but he's not competing at the Pipeline Masters. So, he'll need to wait for the final results to see what happens.

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