High Performance Surfing Center: the mayor of Peniche is a big surf supporter | Photo: DesportoLeiria

Portugal has finally opened the first of four High Performance Surfing Centers, between the surf spots of Supertubos, Baia, and Pico da Mota, in Peniche.

The project has been planned for years, but it took a long time to see the sunshine.

The town known for Supertubos and sardines has opened the first High Performance Surfing Center with grand enthusiasm.

The Peniche High Performance Surfing Center is able to welcome 30 surfers and offers seven rooms and multiple training equipment.

The investment reached 1,4 million euros and will be available for national surfing teams, local schools, international surfing brands, and surf clubs.

The surfers' center will be solar powered and is built in wood and low energy consumption materials.

The space offers changing rooms and an environmental learning corner. It was designed to explore the best solar and wind conditions.

"This house is open to all wave riders, no matter how good they are and where they come from. Come visit it because this house belongs to everybody", underlines João Guilherme Bastos, president of the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

The total investment in the four High Performance Surfing Centers reaches six million euros and is considered a critical bet in the country's tourist attraction.

"These High Performance Surfing Centers will bring foreign surfers and will boost the promotion of Portugal," concluded Almeida Henriques, the deputy secretary of state for economic affairs.

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