PerfectSwell: Russian surfers will love it

Russia is the new land of waves and surfing. Serious. American Wave Machines has announced the construction of a 35,000-square-foot surf pool for the Sheksna Resort in Russia. Expect 6-footers and ten waves per minute.

The new PerfectSwell model 1672 wave pool will be installed at Russia's Leading Spa Resort, according to the World Travel Awards.

PerfectSwell promises a new approach to generating large waves in pools with an emphasis on wave quality and the surfing experience.

With no moving parts in the water, sophisticated computer controls modulate wave shape, ride duration, frequency, and energy efficiency. Analogous to a phased array design, PerfectSwell wave size is unlimited.

Three simultaneously barreling waves across the width of the pool can be generated at intervals as short as six seconds.

The system includes innovative sanitation and a green heating system, extending the operating season with no additional energy usage.

"For my resort, I want a pool that will cater to active families and allow them to learn to surf. The design is great for contests, events, and shows," said owner Victor Lipukhin.

"This is a great opportunity for my company to work with a visionary client focused on his customers' quality of experience," said Bruce McFarland, President of AWM.

"PerfectSwell completely changes the economics of surf parks. We're ramping up to deploy systems worldwide, including in the resurgent U.S. market."

Residing on 14 hectares of landscaped parkland in one of the most picturesque and ecologically clean places on the Black Sea coast, Sheksna Resort sits atop a hillside with magnificent views of the sea and mountains.

The resort offers a range of amenities geared for families with European standards of service and comfort.

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