Laird Hamilton: the surfer and golfer impressed with the GolfBoard

Have you ever imagined yourself "surfing" a golf course? Meet the new GolfBoard.

Kelly Slater will definitely love it. The surfing champion from Florida, a passionate golf player himself, has a chance to carve the greens with a unique board.

The new gadget, a four-wheeled electric power vehicle, allows you to move between golf holes with your golf club bag while leaving behind less impact and damage compared with standard golf carts.

The GolfBoard concept is very similar to Segway.

You need only one free hand for the lightweight power controller. The difference is that this is a blend between a skateboard, a snowboard, and a surfboard.

It features LED status indicators, power level adjustments, and increased throttle resolution for an exceptional riding experience. If you're a surfer and golfer, then this is the ultimate gadget.

The GolfBoard can travel up to 36 holes between charges, depending on conditions such as rider weight, turf conditions, and grade.

The battery powerhouse is designed to give users confidence and is sized to carry a heavy rider (250+ pounds) over 18 holes on some of the longest and steepest courses in the world.

The GolfBoard can speed up to 19km/h (11mp/h), roughly the equivalent of a golf cart.

The new sensation was created by Mike Radenbaugh, Star Faraon, Blayz Yampolsky, and Paul Hodge. It can be yours for $3,500.

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