California Games, 1987: one day, surfing games will be like this

The video game developers say it's hard to model water and liquids, but there have been some major changes, and progress should be made in entertainment surfing. Look at the "Uncharted," "Far Cry," or "Heavy Rain" incredible water effects.

So, why haven't we got new surfing video games for a new generation of consoles like Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii?

SurferToday kicked off the debate more than one year ago. A petition was launched to ignite the video game industry.

In the last few months, two major surf industry brands have unveiled new surfing games for the iPhone and iPad: "Live The Search: The Ultimate Surfing Game" and "Billabong Surf Trip."

These are two great efforts, but we're still behind the last great surfing video game: "Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer."

We cannot compare a mobile phone game with a console game.

The wave modeling is very archaic; the look of the surfers is far from perfect, graphics are poor, and controls are too limited by the phone's keyboard.

Dennis Amith's article on "The History of Surfing Video Games" is a great example of how evolutionary steps were achieved towards better surfing games.

But, to be truly honest, mobile phone versions of real surfing games aren't innovative.

We've got to get the best new developing techniques, such as 3D modeling, rendering high detail, and sound design.

A new console surfing video game would certainly be a sales hit among surfers and wave sports enthusiasts and those who enjoy action and all the beach lifestyle.

"Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer" was published in 2003. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge in computer programming.

Let's hope some of that water is channeled to the best surfing game ever imagined in the near future.

Console Surfing Video Games

Surf World Series (2017)
Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer (2003)
Transworld Surf (2002)
Sunny Garcia Surfing (2001)
Surfing H3O (2000)
Championship Surfer (2000)
Surf Riders (2000)

Meanwhile, enjoy the online surfing games SurferToday has to offer.

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