Surfy: inspired by California Games

Do you remember "California Games"? Inspired by the 1987 video game, "Surfy" brings the excitement and flow of surfing to your iPhone screen.

The developers behind "Surfy" say the mobile surfing game combines the simple game controls and mechanics of the 1980s classics with modern features, like powerups, gravity-defying stunts, and head-to-head challenges.

Surfing games have always been a problem for game designers.

Water and waves are not easy to emulate in a video game console. Fortunately, "Surfy" doesn't try to look real. On the contrary, it was made to be arcade-like.

While it may seem a bit juvenile, you'll easily get hooked on "Surfy," its colors, and the imaginary world.

The game invites you to land tricks and stay ahead of the wave. Helicopters, jet skis, submarines, and whales have not been forgotten.

Collect power-ups, unlock new surfboards, and challenge friends to work their way up the leaderboard. Get Lockie, Summer, Diego, and Jasmine pulling the biggest airs in the history of surfing.

"Surfy" will make its debut in the iPhone world on September 25, 2014. Love playing surfing games? Feel free to drop in.

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