Joan Duru: the winner of the 2021 ISA World Surfing Games | Photo: Reed/ISA

Joan Duru and Sally Fitzgibbons have taken out the 2021 ISA World Surfing Games at La Bocana in El Salvador.

The last qualifying event for Tokyo 2020 defined the 20 male and 20 female surfers representing the sport for the first time in the Olympic Games.

There will be 40 athletes from 17 countries competing for gold, silver, and bronze medals at Tsurigasaki Beach, in Chiba, from 25 July to 1 August 2021.

The surfers' road to Tokyo featured four qualifying events - the 2019 Pan American Games, the 2019 ISA World Surfing Games, the 2019 WSL Championship Tour, and the 2021 ISA World Surfing Games.

Duru will not be in Tokyo, but he led France to victory in El Salvador.

In the men's final, the professional surfer from Ondres beat Kanoa Igarashi, Jeremy Flores, and Hiroto Ohhara.

"I can't believe I won it. I wasn't expecting to do well, especially after being at home for over a year and losing my sponsors. I trained for four weeks, and I am really stoked," expressed Joan Duru.

Sally Fitzgibbons: the first competitor to ever win three gold medals in the ISA World Surfing Games | Photo: Reed/ISA

Three Gold Medals

Fitzgibbons also has reasons to celebrate.

The Australian became the first competitor to win three gold medals (2008, 2018, 2021) in the ISA World Surfing Games.

"The event was a test of mental strength and a great runway heading into Tokyo 2020. Surfing is now a global sport, and it's got recognition. I will surf for as long as I can," added Sally Fitzgibbons.

German surfer Leon Glatzer locked in the highest two-wave heat total of the entire competition, and he will also represent his country in the Olympic Games.

"I worked hard in the last three years, so it's one of the biggest moments in my life," revealed Glatzer.

In the end, France conquered the gold medal, Japan took silver, and Portugal secured bronze.

Fernando Aguerre, president of the International Surfing Association, praised El Salvador's waves and remembered the importance of Olympic surfing to the history and development of the sport.

"To create a secure and safe environment for surfers from 51 nations was a feat in itself. But this is also the day we officially announced the first 40 Olympic surfers, a moment that will live on in surfing history for decades and centuries to come," concluded Aguerre.

2021 ISA World Surfing Games | Results

1. Joan Duru (FRA) 14,94
2. Kanoa Igarashi (JPN) 13,74
3. Jeremy Flores (FRA) 12,94
4. Hiroto Ohhara (JPN) 6,83

1. Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) 14,10
2. Yolanda Sequeira (POR) 9,20
3. Teresa Bonvalot (POR) 9,04
4. Daniella Rosas (PER) 5,26

Gold: France
Silver: Japan
Bronze: Portugal
Copper: Peru
5. Australia
6. Germany
7. Argentina
8. Chile
9. Indonesia
10. Spain

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