Tavarua: a surfing board game for up to six players

Roll the dice and discover one of the world's best surfing board games of all time. Designed for surfers and by surfers.

Cody Miller wanted to make a game that felt like you were surfing with your friends. But it had to be something everyone would enjoy playing. And "Tavarua," the tabletop surfing game, was born.

"I love that in 'Tavarua,' you have a basic tiny ocean simulation on your table," explains Miller, founder of Far Off Games.

"You got the shore where everybody starts, you paddle out, and all the while, waves are advancing."

"So you're watching for the waves to come in, and you have to beat another player to catch the wave and ride it."

The surfing table game involves more than 100 player cards, wave cards, and special cards, as well as dice, multiple tokens, wooden surfers, and 12 surfboards.

"Tavarua" can be played by up to six players. All you have to do is choose your surfboard and try to maintain balance while performing tricks.

The rules are simple, and each phase of the game is simultaneously carried out by all players.

"'Tavarua' is a game I am immensely proud of. It plays smoothly, the mechanics match in an interesting way, and it looks beautiful on the table," concludes Cody Miller.

The tabletop game for surfers is launching on Kickstarter.

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