Surfboard art: a VW Kombi view over the surf

A talented graphic designer has spent 61 hours completing a drawing on a surfboard. The final result is superb attention to detail.

Jarryn Dower is an artist from Geelong, Australia, with a strong background in illustration. He has completed a Diploma in Graphic Design at Swinburne University, and he is widely influenced by the beach and surf culture.

Dower has all the patience in the world. In this case, the artist started the surfboard project in December 2014 and only finished it in late February 2015. What you see is a beautiful interior view from a split-screen VW Kombi looking out over the surf.

"The artwork was done using a stippling technique with Posca pens. The total length of the footage used for this clip tallied in at 61 hours, and that was after editing!" explains Jarryn Dower.

"Filming was done with an iPhone 5S, using a time-lapse app called OSnap! Photos were set to 10-second intervals then, once collated, exported into video. More than 22,000 photos were taken in the making!"

Jarryn had a lot of technical work: initially, waves begin to roll in, the windscreens start to appear, and then the steering wheel gets done, and interiors begin to emerge.

In the end, you don't have a surfboard anymore; you get a sculpture that should remain untouched in a Museum of Contemporary Art.

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