Surfboard art: colors, shapes and creative drawings

Surfboard painting designs have been coloring the art of surfing for a long time.

Many surfers defend their simple, clean, and white surfboards, but many others like to express their passion for surfing with drawings, catchphrases, political statements, flowers, tribal shapes, and Hawaiian landscapes.

Painting surfboards is not as easy as it may look. Applying colors and artistic ideas requires time, detail, and experience.

First of all, you should carefully plan your project. Draw the full-scale picture on rice paper before entering the custom paint job.

If you're adding a painting to an old surfboard, make sure to clean it very well with naphtha and acetone so that the old wax is completely removed from the entire plank.

Then, a rapid sandpaper job will make it perfect.

Surfboard art: adding photos and details to your favorite board

There are two ways of painting surfboards. Spray paint is splendid but demands more experience. Paint pens can be used to get the details you always wanted on a surfboard.

A great option is to combine both surf paint techniques so that you turn your surfboard into artwork that could be exhibited in a surf museum.

If possible, apply a clear topcoat to protect your design from peeling off with time, salt, wax, and sun.

In ideal conditions, a surfboard should be painted before the final fiberglass job. Adding spray paint to a finished surfboard is also adding weight.

There are thousands of surfboard art ideas available online. Surfers tend to enjoy many surfboard painting styles, but colors are usually always there.

Beautiful surfer girls, iconic riders, national symbols, sun rays, and perfect sunsets are widely used to enlighten boards.

Learn how to shape a surfboard.

Surfboard art: girls, rock stars and fashion logos

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