The infamous Filthy Friday surf tale

June 22, 2012 | Surfing
Filthy Friday: Fiji opens the Cloudbreak surf book of big waves

Welcome to Fiji's Filthy Friday. As the Volcom Fiji Pro called off the 8th June, a group of fearless big wave lovers returned to Cloudbreak's line up to paddle into massive walls of water.

"It was the best day of paddle surfing ever seen at Cloudbreak, with the swell in the 12'-15' range from the south. The surf pumped all day with amazing performances from of the world best big wave paddle in surfers", clearly explains Joli, pro surf photographer.

"The biggest wave that came through on 'Filthy Friday' was estimated to be in the 45'-50' range and the biggest wave ever seen at Cloudbreak", adds Joli. Thirty riders wanted to taste it and they did it. Air drops included. A surfer called Mr. Kelly Slater threw a tip to the ASP World Tour officials.

"It actually brings up a more interesting question about the Association of Surfing Professionals backing a big-wave world tour or events in a specialty way as they happen. These guys and these swells need a good platform that supports what they're already doing and someone to really document the whole lifestyle and help these guys out more", said the Floridian rider, after being asked about calling the day off.

The truth is that it was not an easy decision. Apparently, it was a split vote. Head judge Richie Porta gave green light, while contest director Matt Wilson and a representative of the surfers called for a postponement.

"It was massive, man. For me, I just wanted to go out there and have a look. I just wanted to get at least one wave. It was serious. I think they were some of the biggest waves I’ve ever seen. It was exhilarating", reveals Mick Fanning.

The infamous Filthy Friday at Cloudbreak was, at least, documented in film. Watch how those who love riding dangerous waves can cope with death, as you have a hot espresso.

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