Crowded Surf: take a ticket and wait for your turn

How many times have you felt you don't get a fair share of waves on a Saturday morning?

Finally, someone has come up with a solution for all the crowded lineups of the world. It's unique and original, and it's been poured into the latest surf comic strip from the art collective Surf & Comics.

Attention all surfers: if you're a local at Trestles, Superbank, Huntington Beach, Uluwatu, Bondi Beach, Mundaka, Ericeira, or Pipeline, do know that two artists from Galicia in Spain have developed a unique method of managing priorities in your crowded surf breaks.

"Crowded Surf" is written by Maxi González, the author of "Wave Conjurer," and the drawings are from David Perez, also known as DAPZ.

Perez is an autodidact cartoonist who has been drawing "Islamundo" for five years.

His style blends influences of all kinds and breathes inspiration from Yves Chaland and Jean Giraud's "Moebius," the American underground scene led by Robert Crumb, manga classics like Osamu Tezuka, and the Spanish artists Carlos Gimenez and Daniel Torres.

"Crowded Surf" is a comic that depicts the massification of surfing and wave riding by an increasing number of surfers while approaching the subject with a fair sense of humor.

Now, take a ticket, and wait for your turn.

Crowded Surf: a surf comic by Maxi González and David Perez

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