BoardSwag: a surfboard board bag that comes with a waterproof inflatable tent | Photo: BoardSwag

Surfboard travel bags are useful gear items. They protect our surf vehicles from bumps and cracks while in transit. But wait: now, they've also become tents.

Meet the BoardSwag, the world's first board featuring an in-built inflatable tent and mattress.

"The two-for-one combo is the perfect hotel for you and your quiver," the creators of BoardSwag say in their crowdfunding appeal.

So, how does it work? BoardSwag looks like a standard multiple-board bag, but on the inside, it hides a compartment with an inflatable swag.

The whole process is quite quick and straightforward. All you have to do is pump up the tent for 40 seconds, and you're set for a good night's sleep.

BoardSwag holds up to three shortboards and offers enough sleeping area for an adult so that you can travel with your favorite sticks all day and rest next to the waves by night.

BoardSwag: protects your surfboard during the day, and lets you sleep in it for the night | Photo: BoardSwag

A Waterproof Tent for the Night

The tent features a dual-layer waterproof canopy, fly windows, a fly screen, and a large doorway. It was designed to be detachable from the surfboard bag.

The inflatable strut structure has multiple anchor points and will not need tie-downs or pegs to stay up.

The developers say their product features marine-grade materials, 10-15mm padding with reinforcements in the nose and tail, storage pockets, a comfortable carry strap, and durable components, so your board stays protected and you stay dry during the dark hours.

The whole system weighs 4.5 kilograms with the swag - when detached, it weighs 3.2 kilograms.

When you wake up, all you have to do is check the surf, deflate the portable tent, and hit the surf.

BoardSwag sells for AUD$ 499 or around US$350.

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