Surfing: are there any gays in the line-up?

Shame, fear, weakness, and misunderstanding. Pro surfers and pro surfing organizations don't want to talk about homosexuality, but the truth is that diversity is out there.

"Caught Inside: The Taboo of Being a Gay Surfer" is a simple documentary about three gay surfers who have all recently come out in a sub-culture where they say homosexuality is still a taboo.

"The word faggot has been a derogatory term for I guess what we would call a loser. It's sad, in a sense, because where it's come from is calling gay people losers," says Adam George.

David Wakefield, a former Australian state surfing champion, spent many years closed in his own secret. After discovering an online community for gay surfers, he decided it was time to live life with his true self.

"I hope that surfer, when they come out, will be sponsored and retain their sponsorships. I hope that everything is based around skilled level and passion and drive and commitment rather than sexuality," underlines Wakefield.

"Caught Inside: The Taboo of Being a Gay Surfer" is a must-see short surf film. If you want to know more about how is it to be gay in the surfing world, watch "Out In The Line-Up," by Thomas Castets.

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