The Wave Bristol promises a better surfing experience with Wave Loch

June 5, 2015 | Surfing
The Wave Bristol: featuring the Wave Loch system

The Wave Bristol has decided to change the artificial wave technology used in the surf park scheduled to open in 2016, in England.

Nick Hounsfield, the founder of The Wave Bristol, has signed a contract with US company Wave Loch to develop a project that will pump six-to-eight waves per minute.

"For the last five years, we have been keeping a close eye on all developments in wave-making technology, and we were aware of Wave Loch and its long history of wave generation expertise," explains Hounsfield.

"On further analysis we discovered that its new SurfPool technology could deliver left and right breaks across three zones and the potential to get six people riding each wave. This will mean a fantastic surfing experience for all levels with people able to catch 15-20 waves per hour."

Wave Loch: an A-frame artificial wave system

The Wave Bristol will control the height and shape of the wave for advanced and professional surfers. The British brand aims to host a High-Performance Surfing Centre, as well as surf contests.

The first full-scale facility of Wave Loch SurfPool technology in the world will feature 1.5-meter waves breaking left and right on the primary wave, no permanent structures inside the lake itself, and a paddle out channel that emulates the oceanic environment.

"Just like the ocean we use wind (pneumatics) to create our waves. After years of research and testing we found that this was the best way to deliver a vast quantity of almond-eyed barrels," underlines Tom Lochtefeld, CEO at Wave Loch.

"By simulating ocean swells that shoal and break over our surfing optimized reefs, we can replicate an experience that is closely comparable to ocean surfing. Wave Loch engineers have in fact designed hundreds of wave pools for water parks, but the technology we will be installing at The Wave Bristol is a quantum leap in the evolution of surf pool technology."

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