Tristan Thompson: night lunatic | Photo: Red Bull

Tristan Thompson conquered the Red Bull Night Riders 2014, at Jacksonville Beach, in Florida.

Thousands of surfing fans flocked into the dark, as their idols got towed into the waves. Surfers have 12 minutes per round to pull off their best tricks.

Thompson, 18, impressed with an inverted frontside 360 air in the second round. The judges were convinced, despite the choppy wave conditions. Tristan ended up being crowned event champion, among six night riders.

"It was awesome that I pulled through and won in front of a great crowd. I've never seen that many people at this beach for a surf event. I got in a good rhythm out there where I was able to land my tricks, and it felt amazing," expressed Tristan Thompson.

Tristan had the legacy of his older brothers - Cody and Evan - to uphold, but the young gun took the top honours, and defeated all his opponents, including Asher Nolan, Ryan Briggs and Gabe Kling.

Red Bull Night Riders 2014 | Final Results

1. Tristan Thompson
2. Cody Thompson
3. Ryan Briggs

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